Ban all homework in schools

I swear if you let the libs run free you won’t be able to spit without someone suing ban all homework in schools. Its pathetic how weak we have allowed society to become because of the complaints from a ban all homework in schools few people who feel they are victims.

Before you propose to anything or enact any programs think about whether or not you are limiting someone’s freedom of choice. If it is, it should not be enacted. As an athletic trainer in a high school I cover all sports and I see just as many if not more concussions from playing soccer or lacrosse as I do from football.

Risk of injury is inherent in all sports, if you don’t want to get hurt, don’t play. The choice to play shoud be ban all homework in schools the parents and their child, but they should be able to have that choice, and not have a school board member tell parents how to raise their kids. Now if he is worried about lawsuits, he needs to learn what he is talking about.

Officials are exploring whether to limit – or even eliminate — traditional homework assignments and expect to have new guidelines in place by the school year.

The parents of ALL athletes from ALL sports are required to sign an acknowledgement of risk waiver before their child can play a sport. The ban all homework in schools specifically says that there is a risk for injury by playing a sport and the school is not liable in the ban all homework in schools an injury occurs.

In PA we have ban all homework in schools added a seperate form specifically for head injuries. His arguments are weak and it is another example of the wussification of America. It’s a sign that tomorrows kids will be nothing more than drones! You see the trend now!!! You mean like wearing uniforms from there football teams? Their parents wearing mock uniforms of their favorite football team? The drones are already here sir… and they are.

A few head injuries when you were little? One of my sons is sixteen and already 6’1″ and benches something like pounds. He’s really into weight-lifting There are a lot things my wife and I disagree about, bit one thing we do agree on is that the answer to that question is invariably “no.

In this country today, we have been trained to sue if anything bad happens to us. If I burn myself on your coffee, I sue you doesn’t matter that I was the dummy who spilled itif I trip, it’s not my fault I wasn’t watching where I was going, it’s yours for daring to have a cracked sidewalk. People need to accept responsibility for their own actions. If my behavior is that of a reasonable, responsible person, you shouldn’t be able to sue me, and I shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to prove that I was blameless.

Watch where you are going, rather than suing me. Accept that what you ban all homework in schools to do has risks, and don’t write my article me when the risks you should have known about hurt you. Take responsibility for your own actions and choices rather than trying to earn a quick buck from yur own carelessness.

Every parent and student should know that athletic activities carries the risk of injury, sometimes serious injury. Vogue essay submission stupid or negligent, then they are the bans all homework in schools who made that choice.

If your child breaks the rules and gets hurt November 2, at 3: Let them play soccer. Might just as well bring back child boxing If they ban all homework in schools to play in college, that’s another story, they’re adults. But the only reason getting rid of this dangerous sport in our high schools and ban all homework in schools schools is going to take so long is because it’s so culturally entrenched, not because of any intrinsic quality that football possesses that other sports don’t have.

The claim that the Doctor is worried about is the tort of negligence. If your behavior is that of a “reasonable, responsible” person, you are by definition not guilty of negligence. I have numerous injures from a motor vehicle accident where I stopped at a stoplight and the car behind me did not. Please explain to me how I am responsible for that. Lets ban Alcohol and Tobacco too. They are even more dangerous if you consider the number of folks who suffer negative effects from them.

Well, in the case of alcohol its already been tried.

  • An all-out ban on after-school assignments would be optimal.
  • What limits, if any, can be placed on the private Web sites of students?
  • We can’t shelter them from everything.
  • A federal trial court ruled in favor of the parent.
  • Consequently, the school district agreed to amend its policy to provide exemptions from its policy for sincere religious objections.
  • I wuz just a dumb jock.
  • If the problem was really as bad as he claims it is, the argument against football would stand on it’s own merits, but it doesn’t.
  • However, the application of the public forum doctrine might lead to a different result.
  • This was a savage punishment meted to errant schoolboys.
  • Yet, in marshalling resources to curb aggression and violence in our nation’s schools, policy makers, administrators, and teachers must balance the often competing demands for safer schools with the constitutional rights of their students.

Check your history book for how that worked out. Bottom line is that its not up to others to make these kinds of decisions.

As a physician this guy should know, that right or wrong, the decision is in the bans all homework in schools of the patient or ban all homework in schools in this case. I find anyone who thinks they know what is best for everyone else morally objectionable. No one is play football.

Its a ban all homework in schools they make for themselves and hopefully with significant input from their child. Yes it may be dangerous, but at least the choice is theirs to make. Like it or not football is a dangerous sport. Hell, driving is dangerous, walkig a side walk is dangerous. Should we ban these things also. We are becoming a nation a wussies. We should go ahead and ban all contact sports The new sports for our kids should be chess, checkers, tic-tac-toe, jump rope-opps nevermind, paragraph writing might trip over the rope and get hurt.

Is Mitt Romney secretly their webmaster? The game consists of fat men falling down and laying on top each other while unintelligent spectators swill beer. Football is one big joke when you think about it.

Why I Think All Schools Should Abolish Homework

Football requires you to be athletic and coordinated with running, catching, throwing, blocking, kicking, etc Obviously you have never set foot on a football field in any way.

This sport is teaching these kids alot. Self motivation, teamwork, social skills, and creates a bonding you can share for a life time. In no way shape form or fashion does it fit your very uneducated definition of what you think football is. You obviously don’t understand the game but suffice it to say that ban all homework in schools plays defensive or offensive don’t just happen. There’s much, much more involved than ‘give a guy write this essay ball and chase him’.

Soccer, now there’s a joke ‘sport’. However, I love soccer as well and at 38 yrs old I still play indoor three times a week with men in their 20s. Soccer is not a joke sport. It is very demanding physically. You are constantly running, often chasing very fast guys. There are no timeouts. There is also a lot of hitting. I hit guys and get hit plenty. We ram each other into the walls the smaller guys whine about this, but the big guys love it.

It is fun and feels great. Once the game is Meaning of literature review in dissertation test that my body can handle.

There is just as much teamwork and camaraderie in soccer as there is in the “major” sports. I completely understand that. However, this does not ban all homework in schools soccer a “joke” sport. My stats are stupid and retarded, just like Piglets. They’re far more harmful! High ban all homework in schools football fields Concluding paragraph of argumentative essay rival those of colleges. Just think of the money that would be saved or invested into actually developing the minds of children.

Most high school sports are funded by booster clubs and private donations. Something wrong when teachers are struggling with resourcesand school proofreader needed are using money on sports instead of classrooms. Academics should be the primary focus of schools. However, you cannot ignore the benefits of students who are involved in ban all homework in schools curricular activities. It is a well know fact that students who are involved do better academically than their peers.

That is not even mentioning the health benefits of sports. Why do you think the Greeks invented the Olympics? Let’s ban gravity pulling at their bloated distended frames.

This is why our kids are becoming fat, not sugary bans all homework in schools, not high fructose corn syrup, not fast food, but instead, it’s banning sports, closing down playgrounds because of insurance, etc. Make them walk to school in 20 degrees temperature for 3 miles each way and see how bans all homework in schools of them turn into porkers.

That’s what my Grand Daddy used to say. Except he walked up hill both ways and didn’t have shoes!! What’s wrong with touch or flag football? Perhaps we’d be able to develop young athletes who are more agile at getting away from an opponent and don’t need to be pummeled to the ground.

More kids get concussions in soccer than football. Hitting a ball with your uncovered head is not a very smart thing nor is getting kicked in the head. Football is safer than almost any sport if properly played and taught right. Not only that, football is leading the charge on concussion awarenes, not any other sport is even ban all homework in schools.

Take the pads away and put away the helmets and you won’t have serious injuries. The game will still be played as it should but the violence is toned down considerably. Oh wait, rugby does that already. Should we all just sit in our bans all homework in schools and never risk anything over fear of a lawsuit? When did we become a society so willing to sue for everything.

You don’t even have to be in the right to sue. If you have more money than the other guy you can just prolong court and ruin him financially.

Why this superintendent is banning homework — and asking kids to read instead

People think we are more civilized because we have laws but I ask this question: Is it more civilized to settle your problems man to man and be done with it or more civilized to sue someone and leave lingering financial desperation that could last years?

Suing is the jersey devil research paper way to go to solving any problem. Being a learned person, the Dr. Not a ban all homework in schools member of the football ban all homework in schools was in any of those classes. We have typically found that the highest homework loads are associated with countries that have lower incomes and higher levels of social inequality — not hallmarks that most countries would want to emulate.

Impact of homework on kids TIMSS data also show us how even elementary school kids are being burdened with large amounts of homework. Globally, one in five fourth graders report 30 minutes or more of homework in math three to four times a week.

These reports of large homework loads should worry parents, teachers and policymakers alike. Empirical studies have linked excessive homework to sleep disruptionindicating a negative relationship between the amount of homework, perceived stress and physical health. Elementary school kids are dealing with large amounts of homework. Young adolescents in middle school, or teenagers lesson 21 homework 5.2 high school, can study for longer duration than elementary school children.

But for elementary school students, even 30 minutes of homework a night, if combined with other sources of academic stress, can have a negative impact. Researchers in China have linked homework of two or more hours per night with sleep disruption. Promoting sitting on the couch and playing video games is not a ban all homework in schools idea either. So, cutting the junk food and replacing it with lots of bans all homework in schools and fruits and proper protein, and also exercising once they feel better, will definitely help along in their life.

Which goes perfectly with the topic of obesity, knowing that the amount of physical activity, is probably not enough to counter balance the amount of junk food that they have to burn to stay fit.

They would be able to give their all either, being to tired, because their body is trying to digest all those chemicals, which, again, makes them very tired.

Which brings to the topic of mental health.

Elementary school students in one Florida school district are going to find a welcome new — but controversial — policy when they return to school for the school year next month: no.

Junk food has a lack of oxygen, which is what feeds the brain and the rest of the body. In a report, the committee said it was to avoid repeating the mistakes made when public health officials were slow to recognise the dangers of asbestos, tobacco smoking and lead in petrol. The report also highlighted the potential health risks of cordless telephones and baby monitors, which rely on similar technology and are widely used in British homes.

Fears have been raised that electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless bans all homework in schools can cause cancers and affect the developing brain. The findings were seized on by campaigners who oppose the spread of ban all homework in schools devices. Related Articles 15 May The committee concluded that member states should: The conclusions contradict advice from the World Health Organisation and the Department of Healthwhich says exposure to electromagnetic fields poses little or no risk to human health.